We help you achieve a more simple and organized life, so you have more time to enjoy the things that matter most!

We begin by viewing your current living and/or working environment. Then we develop a customized organizing system based on your particular needs and situation. The end result is a space that not only looks & feels great, but also functions at its best. 

Our vision

We believe that having an organized living space and life will help you achieve your goals easily. It will save you time to do the things that you really want to do but never have time for. With our help, you will find more clarity, joy and peace of mind once everything in your home has a place and a purpose. It is not just about 'decluttering' and 'throwing things out,' - the main goal is to create a more intentional space so that you can be more present for the things that really matter.

Simplicity &


How can we be more gentle with our planet? 

We will help you buy storage supplies when needed, but often we can reuse and repurpose  client's items -old plastic containers, glass jars, beautiful boxes, etc- to make great storage solutions.

If you do need to buy new items, we do all the research & shopping for you and always try to avoid plastic whenever possible. Instead we use fabric, bamboo or glass storage containers. Apart from being good for our planet, these options normally look cleaner and more sophisticated.

 Also, our business cards are made of 100% recycled paper. More chic and better for the environment!


 "Laura and Eva helped put more order in my home, and now I know where everything is and feel so much less stressed!"

Diane M. (Southampton)

  "Having my house more organized has helped me spend more quality time with my kids and less time worrying about messiness!"

Elena C. (Barcelona)

  "I couldn't believe how my mood positively changed after decluttering and re-organizing my space. I had lost count of how much stuff I had that I didn't know I had, and didn't even use!"

Jen L. (Bridgehampton)

  "As an entrepreneur I'm pretty busy, so having my office and apartment more organized and simplified has helped me gain clarity and work more efficiently".

Ben A. (Sag Harbor)

Our work